Monday, June 13, 2011

It's cupcake time!

Hey there cupcake!

This past month has been all about cupcakes. They've become super popular recently, and are a cute alternative to decorated cakes. Now, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of these mini cakes, mostly because their teeny tininess limits my creative genius! ;) I kid... they're simply more work than baking and decorating one cake, and I'm just plain lazy!

I only really started warming up to the them after having taken part in last year's Cupcake Camp Montreal (, a charity event where cupcakes were donated and then devoured by guests attending the event. How could a giant hall filled with thousands of cupcakes not be awesome!?

My entry for Best Amateur Design at Cupcake Camp Montreal 2010. I won 1st place! :D

So when I got order after order for them, I decided to make cupcakes not war!

First off, an elaborate cupcake display for a little boy who loves all those cake and cupcake shows on t.v.   For his birthday, his parents wanted me to make something with bright colors and extravagant. They wanted three flavors...

All the yellow cupcakes (the sun and the beach) are vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla buttercream.

The green cupcakes (the forest/grass area) are chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate mousseline.

And all the wavy water cupcakes are red velvet, filled with cream cheese frosting.

The birthday boy is also really into boating, so I made a mini yacht cake as well :)

And here are all 60-some cupcakes in all their bright glory!

Next up, double the order for a wedding cupcake display. Time to keep calm, have a cupcake, and get back at it! The bride and groom wanted a hockey themed cupcake display that went with their sweet yellow wedding. Each cupcake was topped with a hockey puck with their initials on it. And to top it all off, a giant cupcake topped with a hockey player and his #1 fan!

Congrats to the newly wed couple!

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