Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Taste of Music

A couple of my most awesome customers had a second daughter last year. That means they get to order two cakes from me each year! How lucky! ;) So for the little one's first birthday, they sent me pictures of her favorite toys -- a set of musical instruments -- and asked me to replicate them on the cake. Sounds good!

So I made them all out of fondant, fully edible for the little ones.  On top, I put her favorite one (and mine!), the xylophone. The other instruments decorated the sides of the cake, along with a bunch of bright music notes. 

They like to have two separate parties for family and friends, so they keep the top tier for the next day's party. Instead of actually stacking and gluing the two tiers together, I built each cake separately on its own board and no royal icing between the layers, for easy disassembly :)

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