Sunday, February 12, 2012

Picture Perfect

My dad is absolutely camera obsessed! He' takes a ton of pictures a day, capturing everything he possibly can, and then promptly posts it all on Facebook. He's always behind the camera at any given occasion, but it's not just any camera. He's taken over what was once my younger brother's camera, and shows no sign of  giving it back. He loves that thing!

So, for my dad's 60th birthday, there was no doubt as to what kind of cake I should make him. I made him a replica of his camera, out of cake, of course!

Around the bottom cake, I put a few pictures of my dad with all of us as kids.

And on the camera's screen, I put a picture of my parents from their trip to India. I also hand painted all the buttons on the camera! 

Happy 60th birthday to my daddy!!!

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