Monday, September 2, 2013

The World is an Open Book

That's it. Summer is officially over. It's back to school, the weather is starting to get cooler, and I guess there's isn't much else to do but curl up and go into hibernation. No more sun, no more heat, and worst of all, no more vacation!

Nothing says summer like vacation time and that means travel! Travel themed cakes are always popular in the summer months. One of my favourite cakes from a few weeks ago was one for a guy who loves to travel, and never stops learning. His girlfriend designed the cake, and she had big ideas! She wanted an open book with a globe on top. And on top of that globe, an airplane, and a figurine of her boyfriend. Sounds crazy right!? But I was obviously up for the challenge. I had so much fun making this one, so many fun shapes to carve :) 

The figurine is made of gumpaste, the airplane out of rice crispy treats, and the book and globe were chocolate orange cake – one of my new favourites! 

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