Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just For Kicks

Alright! I think, for once, I have all my bases covered. See, I know nothing about sports. Don't follow them, don't watch them -- except maybe during the hockey playoffs, because I live in Montreal, and it's impossible not to. So when I get an order for a sports themed cake, I don't really care about what team's logo I'll be making. It's all the same to me! (unless they have some crazy cool logo that'll be extra fun to make!) That is, until the pictures go up on Facebook. That's when I get comments like "Great cake, but [insert team name here] sucks!" and "Oh, it's too bad [again, team name here] lost yesterday!"...

Yes, that actually happens. Pretty often too! I made a FIFA cake for a Portuguese fan, and he got the cake the day after they got eliminated. I made a Steelers cake for last year's Super Bowl, and they lost (I think!?) haha I'm so clueless!! Anyways, all this to say, this year, I can avoid all that hate, because I've made not one, not two, but three soccer cakes supporting three different teams. Wonderful! My odds should be pretty good. I think.

So, go Chelsea!

Yay for A S Roma!


And woo F.C.B. rocks!

I hope everyone's happy! Or most? :)

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