Saturday, January 5, 2013


Yes, that's my pathetic attempt at coming up with a clever name for this blog. It's my kryptonite... 

I hope you had wonderful holidays, lovelies! I'm incredibly behind on my blog posts from the past month. So many cakes, so many parties, so little time! A friend of ours celebrated his birthday right smack in the middle of it all, and I was asked to make him a superman cake. Since I had just made another superman cake a few weeks ago, I decided to take a completely different route with this one. I love comic books, and admire the art quite a bit. So, for this cake, I thought I'd try my hand at replicating comic-style artwork.

Seeing as there's really no way to trace on fondant, I had to completely freehand it, which caused me quite a bit of stress. I printed myself out an image to base the drawing on, and went at it with my food colours. 

I also airbrushed the cake to add to that comic book effect.

 The nerd in me loves this cake!

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