Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heigh Ho!

Here it is! My big project of the year! OK, maybe just one of many big projects I take on... but still, a biggie! My niece has grown up being spoiled with some crazy birthday cakes, and this year was no different. As she gets older, she's a little more specific with what she wants. First off, the cake had to be chocolate-chocolate. She asked for Snow White, the dwarves, and they had to sing and dance! I'm guilty of feeding her some of these ideas ;) 

We came up with a design where the cake was the dwarfs' quaint little house; chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream in the layers, and masked in a dark chocolate ganache. The mines are made out of rice crispy treats, and all the figurines are fondant. So, entirely edible! 

Check out the video of the cake in action! 

It was entirely devoured, cake, rice crispies and all!

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