Monday, April 1, 2013

A True Princess

Today, it's a very special little girl's birthday! My beautiful niece is turning five, which in itself is so difficult to believe. That also means it's been that many birthdays that I've been making the best cakes I possibly could for her. Every year, it's all about making her something bigger and better than last year. And each year, it becomes increasingly difficult. I thought I'd take this opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and show you the evolution of my niece's cakes. 

Her first birthday was my first ever attempt at working with fondant, so I didn't try anything too crazy. I was just getting to know this new sugar play-doh that I ended up rolling out way too thin, over a very unevenly masked cake. Around it, three little bears celebrating her birthday with a cookie cake!

When her second birthday had come around, I had experimented a bit with modelling with fondant, but still no better at covering cakes. I was, however, ready for a challenge, and made my first animated cake. This cake was pretty intense - it played music, Dora and Boots danced along, and there were birds flying around the tree on top.

I finally had some serious experience by her third birthday. That year, she wanted a Cinderella themed cake. We delivered a three-tier rotating cake, with each side telling a different part of the story. The topper? A white chocolate slipper!

Finally, last year, we decided to go big! She wanted a Rapunzel themed cake and we made her Rapunzel's tower - almost as tall as the birthday girl! 

That year, she also got a second cake for her daycare party - a simple little mermaid cake.

This year's theme is Snow White. The party isn't for another couple of weeks, which is great because I have great plans, and haven't started at all! She did have her daycare party last week, and for that, surprise surprise, another princess cake. 

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