Monday, November 7, 2011

All Treats and No Tricks

... well there were a few tricks, but more on that later.

My niece was having a Halloween party at her daycare, and I was asked to make the kids some cupcakes. Halloween is my favorite, favorite holiday of the year! I love zombies, ghouls, and all that is creepy... but these were for daycare kids, so I tried very hard to keep it cute and fun for the little ones :) Since I had these really cute cupcake wrappers in white, I decided to make a dark chocolate cupcake with orange swirls.

And here are...

little black kitties in jack-o-lanterns,

teeny blood sucking cuties, 

iddy biddy ghostly trick-or-treaters,

and some witches' brews and brooms

And, the whole cupcake army! 

No Halloween is complete without a few tricks! We decorated the house that night, and gave out candy to those that were brave enough to get through our haunted, zombie-and-troll-infested front lawn! 

I already can't wait 'till next Halloween! 

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