Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not Just For Girls!

Cakes aren't just about flowers and frills anymore -- though they can be super frilly and absolutely covered in flowers, if you want it to! But not every man is into that stuff  ;) For all the manliest men out there, they invented themed cakes and carved cakes! Finally, boys aren't stuck getting those Loblaws/IGA birthday cakes with blue buttercream roses. Now, they can have a yummy cake with elements from their hobbies, interests, and careers.

A very popular go-to for men is a sports themed cake, usually carved cakes in the shape of a football, soccer ball, jersey, you name it.

 Their cake can even be topped with their favorite toys -- cars!

And for those that still enjoy their video games...

Some might even be in love with a movie so much, that they'd enjoy something like this:

So for your boyfriend's / dad's / brother's / whatever man in your life's next birthday, instead of the usual pastry shop cake, get them something just as delicious, but something super special that shows them that you put some thought into this :)

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